“ Happy Family Marketing  or Happy Family Marketing Pvt. Ltd.” is one of the leading marketing company based on west bengal, India. Since its foundation in the year 2022, “ Happy Family Marketing” constant endeavour to serve the mankind with innovative and resurch oriented quality product & services. and so that “Happy Family Marketing” allways ready to expand its product & service range every year.
“Happy Family Marketing” is an Indian conglomarate which is an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company, which believe in world class service to the all customars and members. It is the best platform for all who believe in themselves. Its believe in empowring all the members with the best opportunity to lead heir lives with their own terms. Opportunity to live life with honarable and prosperity.


“ To establish Happy Family Marketing footprint”-  as a most populer & most respectable brand in every corner of the country. To help people live their life with economic independence on their own terms, based on our uncompromised principle of transparency, dignity, respect & diversity.

Founders thaught

“HFM”– The name Happy Family Marketing is synonymous for direct selling in India, with the legacy of loyal consumers in every corner of the country. With its success, the main objective of the organization has always been to transform the lives of people by providing them an opportunity to empower them socially, enabling them with relevant skills and live a blissful life.

In our mission to make India Healthy & Wealthy, we have developed a range of daily consumable products in FMCG – Food & Non-Food (Household, Home care, Personal care, Eatable and Edible products),Health& Nutrition, Fashion& Accessories, Stationary &Travel accessories, footwear categories that are used from “Good Morning to Good Night”. The dream of the founder of HFM is to transform lives followed by a very holistic approach of developing each and every product keeping in mind the main motto of, “health as the vital factor” and keeping the price of every product at “arm’s length for every household of the country”.


To grow global scale holdings and be a revolutionary platform where we creat a culture of friendliness & belongingness, where we do welcome every individuals from eatch walk of life. Our every single effort is to act with courage, challenging and finding out innovative ideas to make ourselvs proffesionaly managed organization and become a benchmark in marketing industry.

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