TERMS & Conditions

These terms and conditions are construed in accordance with the model Direct Selling Guidelines issued by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Department of Consumer Affairs vide F.No. 21/18/2014–IT (Vol-II) dated 9th Sept., 2016 read with Indian Contract Act
1872 and supersedes any prior terms and conditions, discussions or agreements between Company and direct seller.

1. Happy Family Marketing is also referred as “HFM”.
2. That the distributor/business partner undertakes that he/she /they are 18 years and above and are of sound mind and have not being convicted by any court of law.
3. The Customer registration in HFM business rewards system is absolutely free and the company does not ask for any registration fee for it.
4. HFM agrees to allow cooling off period of 15 days and buyback / exchange of goods within 30 days of purchase of products as per the refund policies of the company.
5. “Independent Distributor” means a person who has accepted the contract to undertake the Direct Selling business of HFM and avails benefits and incomes on making a minimum threshold purchase.
6. All necessary prescribed tax deductions from the earned incomes and bonuses would be made as per Govt. laws in force
7. HFM business rewards system is founded on hardcore sales & marketing of its Products. It is not any type of money making scheme. It is not an overnight millionaire making/Non-working program.
8. HFM independent distributor called also HFM business partner.
9. Distributor/business partner will get maximum 20(twenty) pair marching per day.
10. Every distributor/business partner will get maximum twenty thousand auto pool bonus fund after him/her self activation, if he/she earn more from auto pool bonus fund then he/she have to direct sponsor/sale HFM package with minimum six persons

11. After rubi achievement distributor/business partner can entertain maximum two lakh auto pool fund bonus. For more earning like twenty lakh maximum he/she have to achieve minimum gold satus once. And after diamond status achieved he/she can entertain two crore maximum bonus fund, and for more
auto pool bonus fund like twenty crore, he/she have to achieve minimum king status rank.
12. All bonus fund depend on working and rank status respectively.
13. HFM business bonus fund are not any salary or committed income from HFM. Its all depends on distributor’s/business partner’s working organization table.
14. The incomes and bonuses from any plan are subject to your efforts and as per the terms & conditions given on the website: www.happyfamilymarketing.com
15. Incase of Non Performance by the independent distributor/business partner for the continuous 1(one) years company will issue notice of Termination to the independent distributor/business partner. If the independent distributor/business partner wishes to ask the company to review the decision to terminate
,he/she shall make such a request to the company in writing with in thirty(30) days from the date of notice of termination. If the company does not receive such request within the thirty(30) days period, thetermination will automatically be deemed final.
16. The distributor/business partner further agrees that all the information which includes documentary proof of personal identification and address proof, as per KYC process is correct and properly entered. The company reserves the rights to accept or reject application given by the Independent Distributor at its
own discretion.
17. The distributor/business partner undertakes that he/she will get the incentives as per the Compensation Plan of the company
18. Closing period of the company business are calculated on first and last date of the month.
19. All monthly payout of company will distribute on 10th of next month basis.
20. Only matching bonus fund will be calculated on daily and distribute next day basis.
21. All payouts will strictly follow the qualification and conditional rules. No exception can be applied whatsoever.
22. All independent distributor/business partner/associates to receive their payout and keep their ID active will have to do a self purchase of 500 PV at DP every month.
23. Non-Active accounts where there is no self purchase for a month, all generated payouts will be zero.
24. PAN card is must for all associates to receive their payouts. A 5% TDS deduction applied on all generated payouts. In case of PAN card is not submitted, the TDS will be deducted @ 20%.
25. On every payouts there will be a service charge 10% deducted by the company.
26. If distributor/business partner want to change of any kind of his/her referral ID/profile, then he/she has to submit a written application to the company grievance management team with specific reasons.
27. All rights are reserved by the company to change / amend / alter / update any income or payment calculation method without any prior notice.
28. The HFM products which are displayed on our website are good in quality and consumer friendly being backed by 100% commitment from HFM. In case of any grievance and its redressal, please visit our grievance cell displayed on our website.

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